About Wat Pa Tam Wua

Wat Pa Tam Wua Forest Monastery offers spiritual guidance to those who wish to seriously practice meditation in a peaceful and natural monastic setting.

Resting in between beautiful mountains of exotic Mae Hong Son, Thailand. Capturing green nature, peaceful stream, natural caves and never ending waterfalls of these spectacular Northern of Thailand.

It’s located 37 kilometres from Mae Hong Son province. Wat Pa Tam Wua is home to one of the most tranquil monastic heavens of Thailand. A place of meditation, refuge and self – discovery. Tam Wua Forest Monastery is the place that you can practicing sitting meditation near the waterfall.

Wat Pa Tam Wua is just like paradise on earth, with beautiful scenery around with the beautiful wild flowers and orchids, waterfall , streams and mountains.

Our mission

We offer the spiritual guidance in practicing Vipassana Meditation. Many practitioners came from many countries around the world to practice meditation. No matter practitioners from the beginners or the advance level are allowed flexible meditation methods, however, Vipassana or Mindfulness on Breathing is the main stream of practice here.

Proper meditation instruction, as well as appropriate views on natural laws and phenomena are provided to the lay communities by Thai-English speaking monks.

Stay and practice

We provide fully accommodation such as single kuties, dormitories as well as two vegetarian meals per day with tea, coffee, juice or soy milk in place of dinner.

Staying at Wat Pa Tam Wua is free of charge to all public who seek practices of spirituality. However, the sacred grounds must not be viewed as hotels or resorts. Participants are asked to be discipline in their practice, to follow the daily schedule, observe the monastery rules and keep their area tidy and clean.

Map of Wat Pa Tam Wua

Map of Wat Pa Tam Wua

You are very welcome to come,
and stay with us at Wat Pa Tam Wua!