Monastery rules

We do work to keep Tam Wua as a welcoming, open, hospitable place for people taking their steps towards the spiritual growth.
That being said, it’s also worth keeping in mind that Tam Wua is a Monastery and Vipassana meditation retreat, not a relaxation centre or resort.
Please keep your behaviour monastery appropriate, and remember that you must attend every item on the timetable.
All our activities are mandatory and cannot be skipped without a serious reason. Please don’t come late, we recommend coming at least 10-15 minutes early.

Coming to join us for morning and/or afternoon meditation class and leave after class is OK; Or, staying with us to meditate a minimum of 3 days 2 nights to a maximum of 10 days is OK.

Please arrive before 4PM, if you are late the monastery might refuse the entry until the next day.

Document Requirement is:

  • Original Passport (not a copy) with valid Thailand visa or immigration date stamp (Strictly no overstay visas).

Without this, the monastery has the right to refuse registration and cannot give any accommodation.

Conduct and behavior

Tam Wua is a Theravadan Buddhist monastery in the Thai Forest tradition. While visiting, your behaviour should reflect this. We try to provide an atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming to beginners and those with little or no experience with meditative retreat, while not creating obstacles for those who wish to practice in a more disciplined manner.

While at Tam Wua, guests are under the Eight Precepts, which are as follows:

  1. I undertake [to observe] the rule of abstinence from taking life.
  2. I undertake [to observe] the rule of abstinence from taking what is not given.
  3. I undertake [to observe] the rule of abstinence from unchastity.
  4. I undertake [to observe] the rule of abstinence from false speech.
  5. I undertake [to observe] the rule of abstinence from intoxicants which cause a careless frame of mind.
  6. I undertake [to observe] the rule of abstinence from taking food at the wrong time.
  7. I undertake [to observe] the rule of abstinence from dancing, music, visiting shows, flowers, make-up, the wearing of ornaments and decorations.
  8. I undertake [to observe] the rule of abstinence from a luxurious or high sleeping place.

Tam Wua will show some flexibility; for example eating fruit or biscuits in the evening, or wearing small jewelry isn’t an issue. But be aware of the behavior that is expected from you. Please show respect to the monks, the monastery space, and the practice of others. We have zero tolerance for smoking, drug use, stealing and sexual activity.

Generally, ask yourself: Is my behaviour appropriate for a Theravadan Buddhist monastery? Is it harmful to the practice of another person?

Do not:

Do not practice yoga where you are visible to others! We understand that for many people yoga is helpful on their spiritual path. However, we ask that you remember that you are in a Buddhist monastery. It should be obviously inappropriate to practice the “Happy Baby” position when visible to monks. We are not against the practice of yoga, but provocative poses are a distraction to others. Please do yoga ONLY in your kuti, dorm room, or other private place.
Do not cuddle, hug, hold hands with or lie down with a member of the opposite gender. This is not appropriate in a monastery.
Do not take blankets on to the grass. The blankets are difficult to clean; please use one of the red mats instead.
Do not take glass and ceramic cups into the Dharma hall; they get knocked over and broken. We are barefoot in that area. Plastic bottles are fine!
Do not sleep in the garden. If you are tired, please sleep inside.
Do not lie down during sitting meditation, or during Evening Chanting.
Do not sit hugging your knees during a Dharma teaching or offering. This implies boredom and disinterest.
​Do not point your feet towards any image of the Buddha or the monks. Showing the Buddha your feet is considered rude. This goes for ANY image of the Buddha, including those on the chanting books.
Please do not step on or step over the chanting books. Generally, avoid touching or moving anything with your feet.
Do not stay in or near the caves after 5pm. Please return before that time. Ladies should not enter the caves, but are free to sit outside.


Help out whenever help is needed.
Tam Wua is operated totally by volunteers, with the help of guests. If you pass somebody carrying bags of rice, lend a hand. If someone has a stack of serving pots to wash, take one and clean it. If we all help a little, the workload doesn’t fall on just a couple of people.
Additionally, help is appreciated during these periods:
  • 05:00 – in the kitchen for breakfast preparation
  • 07:30 – setting up the meditation cushions
  • 16:00 – leaf raking on the monastery grounds
  • 17:30pm – setting up the meditation cushions
Be respectful to the monks.
The monks are a direct line to the teachings of the Buddha. In Thai Buddhism, monks are respected like the Buddha himself. Please keep this in mind during all interactions. For example, do not talk during a class. During a blessing, place your palms together.
Be respectful to other guests and their practice.
Tam Wua is a place for people to progress spiritually, in a friendly, open environment with a focus on Vipassana mediation. Please try to avoid causing hindrances to others. For example, talking loudly in the evening while another person might be trying to meditate.
Do clean up after yourselves.