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Dear Meditators!

You need to provide an ATK test on arrival at the monastery. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

 Mae Hong Son Immigration ALL VISITORS MUST PROVIDE ACTUAL PASSPORT WITH VALID VISA AND DEPARTURE CARD. Failure to do so means that you cannot stay with us. (Photos of passport and documents are not acceptable) 

Feel free to contact us via e-mail: [email protected] or call us or Whatsapp us on +66 (0)81 031 3326 and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

Kathina Celebration 2022

The Kathina Ceremony is an annual Buddhist cultural event held after the Rains Retreat. It is a chance for Buddhists to show their gratitude for the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha by offering new robes and other essentials for the monks, as well as making donations to support temples and local communities, and facilitate the spread of Buddhism.

This year, Wat Pah Tam Wua Forest Monastery, will raise funds for the local Sri Sang Wan Hospital in Mae Hong Son. The funds will go towards acquiring land, construction costs and medical equipment for a new hospital as the existing hospital facility is not enough to accommodate sick people.

Wat Pah Tam Wua will donate every Baht raised from Kathina Ceremony this year to the hospital. By contributing to Wat Pah Tum Wua’s Kathina Ceremony, you will be part of a great merit making activity to help the sick and those in need.

When: November 3rd 2022
10:00am: Traditional robe offering to monks
11:00am: Offering of food to monks. 
For more information, contact Khun Poy, President of the Mae Hong Son Chamber of Commerce:
Tel: 093-996-2444


Wat Pa Tam Wua information team

About Wat Pa Tam Wua

Wat Pa Tam Wua is a Buddhist Forest Monastery located in Northern Thailand. We welcome everyone who would like to learn about Buddhism, do daily spiritual practices and become more mindful, focused and happy human being.

We provide all guests with accommodation, balanced vegan food, bedding and white clothes, all free of charge. Our costs are covered by donations and all the work is done by volunteers. You can join us for 1 day Morning and or Afternoon Meditation class or stay with us to meditate minimum of 3days 2nights to Maximum of 10 days. You are welcome to come and stay at Wat Pa Tam Wua anytime, as we are open 365 days per year. People of all ages are accepted.

Bookings are not necessary, we gladly accept walk-ins. Please bear in mind that we are a Buddhist Monastery, not a relaxation centre. All our daily spiritual activities are mandatory and by staying with us, you accept the Wat Pa Tam Wua Monastery Rules.

Wat Pa Tam Wua Books

"Walk to be the Knower"

Want to learn more about Buddha, Dharma, Vipassana meditation and our monastery?
Welcome to download the online book written by Phra Anek Thanissarapoti, one of the monks of Wat Pa Tam Wua! This book is a great source of knowledge, it includes:

  • Life of the Buddha
  • What did the Buddha teach
  • Handbook of Vipassana
  • About Wat Tam Wua Forest Monastery

Chanting Book by Wat Pa Tam Wua

In this Chanting Book, first we talk about some of the essentials: Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.
Then we explain one of the Mindfulness techniques we actively using in our monastery: "Practice Minduflness in bow down three times".
You will also find all the chantings that we practice at Wat Pa Tam Wua every evening. We always chant in three languages: Pali, Thai and English.

Our Educational Videos

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We welcome you at Wat Pa Tam Wua and will gladly answer all your questions!